Energy Conservation

Goal: Reduce energy use by 15%


  • Work with staff and building occupants to implement energy saving measures.
  • Partner with other agencies and utilities to optimize energy funding opportunities.
  • Develop strategic facility action plans to budget, manage and track conservation opportunities.
  • Explore new opportunities for cost-effective renewable energy projects.


Shedding some light on the situation

This fall, the Facilities Management Maintenance division and the Resource Conservation Management program teamed up to replace the old lighting in the USAR Warehouse. Read more...

Flipping the switch on energy efficient lighting

Completing multiple lighting upgrades has proven to be the bright choice for Facilities Management, saving the County thousands of dollars. Over the past 2 years, ten Pierce County facilities have undergone extensive energy efficient lighting upgrades, changing out more than 2,200 light fixtures. Read more...

Pierce County wins courthouse energy challenge

Pierce County battled it out with Kitsap County to see which could reduce energy use the most in May. Both counties pitted their courthouses against each other in a friendly challenge to raise awareness about energy conservation, save taxpayer dollars, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy generation. Read more...

New fresh water pump in County-City Building

The County City Building has a new set of fresh water pumps that have been installed in the basement. These pumps are used to increase the water pressure to the seventh through the 11th floors for sinks, drinking fountains and toilets. Read more...

Pierce County is up for the challenge

In 2010, Pierce County became an ENERGY STAR partner, which was a declaration of our commitment to reducing energy consumption. Through this partnership we have pledged to consistently benchmark our energy performance, implement a plan or policy to reduce energy use, and educate Pierce County staff about energy conservation.

Pierce County has also signed on to the International Facilities Management Association’s (IFMA) Energy Challenge, which is a national call-to-action for a reduction in energy use of 15%. To further support energy reduction Pierce County has also taken the Northwest Plug Load Pledge that demonstrates their commitment to procuring energy efficient products and reducing negative environmental impact.