Juror Alert


Due to the current health crisis, all Pierce County Superior Court Jury Duty has been canceled until July 3rd. All jurors with Blue Post Cards before July 3rd have been released from their Jury commitment at this time.

If you receive a Blue Post Card (jury notification) for jury service summons dates starting July 6th or later, please respond as if you plan on coming or if you need to be excused. All reasons are found in Additional Jury Information under Postponement & Acceptable Excuses. 

If you would like to postpone to a later date, please contact Jury Administration at pcjuryoffice@piercecountywa.gov.

Scams that have been attempted on Jurors:

If you are contacted by someone attempting to get money from you related to Jury service contact your local law enforcement or the Pierce County Sheriff at (253) 798-4722.

Most of these have been tried in other states, but some are local. Do not give personal information, banking information or money to any of these callers. Contact the named court directly or law enforcement.

Pierce County Jury Scams

Pierce County residents have received calls demanding a fine by claiming the resident missed jury duty. The caller(s) claimed to be a employee with the sheriff's office and demanded as much as $1,000. Pierce County does not call to demand a penalty for failure to appear for Jury duty, so if you receive a call like this contact your local law enforcement agency or The Pierce County Sheriff's Department at (253) 798-4722.

Seattle Jury Scam

At least two Seattle residents received the threatening calls from a man identifying himself as a lieutenant for the “Seattle Federal Warrant Division.“ The caller claimed that a warrant had been issued for failure to appear for jury duty and demanded payment of an immediate $500 fine.
These calls are bogus.
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Thurston County Scam warning

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Jury Duty Used in Kitsap County Phone Scam

Kitsap County residents were hit with calls demanding that they pay a "fine" for failure to respond to a Jury Summons. This was not Kitsap County calling, it was fraud. Pierce County does not phone to demand fines for failure to respond to a Jury Summons.

Guam Issues Juror Scam Warning
On August 19, 2013 the District Court of Guam issued a press release notifying the public that,
“in various parts of the United States, citizens are being targeted by phone calls and threatened with prosecution for failing to comply with jury service in federal or state courts. In the calls, the threat of a fine for evading jury service is used to coerce those called into providing confidential data, potentially leading to identity theft and fraud.”http://news.uscourts.gov/juror-scams-reported-3-us-court-districts
The press release suggests that persons receiving suspect calls should report the matter to the Clerk of Court's office of the District Court of Guam. The U.S. Courts website issued a press release on August 21, 2013 that three U.S. Districts have reported telephonic juror scams.

Cincinnati.com reported a jury duty scam on April 3, 2013 . Campbell Circuit Clerk Taunya Nolan indicated that she had received complaints from five people stating that they received text or email messages informing them that they failed to appear for jury duty. She advised residents that if they get this type of communication asking for money to contact law enforcement officers.

In the past there was also a scam going on in several states where jurors have been contacted by phone with a request for their social security number. Pierce County Superior Court staff do not ask for social security numbers and you should not give this information to anyone even if called and asked for it by someone claiming to represent the court.

A caller has telephoned a number of residents and indicated that the person receiving the call has missed jury duty. The caller offers to cancel an arrest warrant for payment made by credit/debit card or bank information. Pierce County Superior Court does not do this. If you receive a call like this do not give the caller any credit card or bank information and contact law enforcement. Another twist on this scam has a text message is sent to jurors, which states that the juror has a warrant for their arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. They are directed to call a specific telephone number and pay $500 in order to get the warrant dismissed.

Better Business Bureau identified a possible jury service SCAM. The message informs people they are facing a $500 fine and a 30 day jail sentence. It is unclear whether these text messages are merely a joke or an attempt to commit some type of fraud.

West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw issued a press release on August 21, 2012 warning residents about a jury duty scam. He said, 'Victims report that an automated message claims there is a warrant for their arrest, and threatens imprisonment for a failed jury duty appearance. The fraudulent phone calls claim to originate from a federal or state court, and represent that consumers may avoid jail time if they pay a fine with their credit cards over the phone.' He urged residents to contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division immediately if they have been a victim of the scam.

For More Information
For further information, contact the Pierce County Superior Court administration by phone at (253) 798-3654 or visit the:
County-City Building
Room 334
930 Tacoma Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402