Council Overview

The Legislative Branch of County Government

The Pierce County Council sets policy and approves the annual budget for the second-largest county in Washington (population 814,600). The county's Home-Rule Charter, approved by voters in November 1980, separated executive and legislative duties by establishing a County Executive and a seven-member County Council.

Councilmembers each represent approximately one-seventh of the county's population and are limited to two consecutive four-year terms. The Council's Rules of Procedure are in Title 1, Chapter 1.28 of the Pierce County Code.

Council Staff Support

The County Council is supported by a staff of clerks, legal and research staff, administrators, and individual assistants assigned to each Councilmember. The Council's Organizational Chart is adopted per Resolution.

Watch Our Meetings

All Pierce County Council meetings are broadcast live on Watch live. Past council meetings can be accessed through the council video archive.