Travel Demand Modeling

Pierce County has developed and utilized travel demand models since the early 1990s. The model is extensively used for numerous projects and programs implemented by Pierce County and other agencies. Some model applications are mandated by state law, particularly the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). Non-mandated applications are also completed to support internal and external decisions regarding construction of improved roadways and intersections and alignment choices for new roadways. Read our guide to modeling for more information.

Model Development

In 2009, the Transportation Planning and Programming Division embarked on a multi-year model development effort that will significantly refine and enhance our current travel demand model. One of the main goals of this effort is to attempt to achieve closer consistency with the regional travel demand forecasting model developed by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC).

Among the datasets that are being collected, processed and analyzed are current and future land use data (population, housing, and employment), traffic counts, regional travel surveys, current and future multi-modal transportation networks (including bus, rail, and non-motorized modes) and the local characteristics of Pierce County.
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