Pro Bono Settlement Conference Program

The program schedules settlement conferences in family law matters in Pierce County with local attorneys who volunteer their time to conduct the settlement conference. They conduct conferences because a judicial department is not available or the time is outside the originally scheduled settlement conference deadline.

To schedule a settlement conference before a Pro Bono Settlement Conference Officer, please contact the Pro Bono Settlement Conference Coordinator at (253) 798-3605 or by email. Please be advised that the below guidelines are subject to change without notice.
  • In order to use this volunteer settlement conference program you must first attempt to set a settlement conference date with your assigned settlement conference judge as noted on your case schedule
  • If you are assigned a Settlement Conference date through this program a confirmation letter will be sent to all parties involved informing when and where the Settlement Conference will be held. It is understood that you will keep this court date and abide by all instructions included within the confirmation letter
  • You must confirm your attendance at the settlement conference by calling the number listed above or by using the email address listed above. Please leave a detailed message including your name, the case number, and the date and time of the hearing. The Settlement Conference will need to be confirmed by noon 2 days prior to your assigned Settlement Conference date. Failure to confirm within the time frame noted will result in automatic cancellation of your conference.
  • The Settlement Conference program operates on a first come, first serve basis. As such, please consider using an alternate means for mediation if a conference cannot be set before your trial date. A copy of Alternate Dispute Providers is available in Room 334 of the County City Building, on the Superior Court Website, as well as by request.
  • If you have to reschedule a settlement conference, please contact your mediator directly. If the mediator is unable to accommodate, you will be asked to use alternate means for mediation.
  • Failure to appear for a court mandated settlement conference may result in your trial not being heard and use of the Pro Bono Settlement Conference Program may be restricted.
  • Attorneys: Failure to properly confirm your settlement conference or failure to appear at the settlement conference without proper notice could result in restrictions on your use of this program.

For complete information regarding Settlement Conferences, please refer to the Pierce County Local Rules

Revised April 11, 2012