Agricultural Reference Materials

Agricultural Documents and Information for Farmers

Review planning documents, studies, and reports related to agriculture in Pierce County.

Agriculture Census
The Agriculture Census is the leading source of facts and figures about American agriculture. The Census is conducted every five years. The Census provides a detailed picture of United States farms and ranches and the people who run them. It is the only source of complete agricultural data. It has data for every state and county in the United States.

Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A)
The Growth Management Act (GMA) shapes agricultural policies through the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan. It is the growth management act’s legislative order to maintain and enhance the agricultural industry and conserve productive agricultural lands.

Pierce County Agriculture Strategic Plan Summary Report (2006)
The Pierce County Agriculture Strategic Plan examines the local agriculture industry from an economic development viewpoint. The plan contains strategies designed to promote the agriculture industry and improve its competitiveness.

Pierce County Community Plans
The Pierce County Community Plans are part of the Pierce County Code. The Community Plans listed below contain agricultural policies specific to their community area.

Alderton-McMillin (2007)

Gig Harbor (2002)

Graham (2006)

Key Peninsula (2007)

Mid-County (2005)

Note: areas in the southern portion of Pierce County may not have a Community Plan. Refer to the Comprehensive Plan for agricultural policies for these areas.

Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted November 1994. The Plan guides growth and future land use decisions in the County over a 20-year period. This document is regularly updated.

Puyallup Valley Farmland: Metrics and Economic Analysis for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
in the Orting Study Area by PCC Farmland Trust
The Orting area of the Puyallup River Valley is the first area that PCC Farmland Trust analyzed. This report is a review of the strengths and weaknesses of agriculture in and near this area.