Information for Candidates - Filing for Office in 2020

2020 Election Guide for Candidates 

Candidate Filing Week is May 11 - 15. 

2020 Open Offices (subject to change)  

Requirements to file online (link available on May 11 at 9 a.m. - closes May 15 at 4:00 p.m.)
  • Be registered to vote in the district (or precinct for PCO’s) for which you are filing
  • Pay filing fee online with Visa, MasterCard or American Express (cash or check only if in person) Your name will not appear on any official lists as a candidate for office until your Declaration of Candidacy is approved and your filing fee is paid. (No filing fee required for Precinct Committee Officers.)
  • Provide a valid email address and phone number.
  • Use a campaign mailing address, phone number, and website address when you file for office. If you don’t, your voter registration address will be published online in the list of candidates who have filed.
  • Last day for a candidate to withdraw is May 18, 2020.

Voters’ Pamphlet 
Must be submitted online. Deadline to submit information is the week after filing week closes - Friday, May 22, at 4:30 p.m. You will have the option to submit your information right after you file for office, or receive a link to submit. 

(PC or laptop use recommended.)

Have your biography information, statement, and photo ready before you start the pamphlet submittal process.

 Please prepare the following three items in advance:

1. Biography - Word limit - 100 
The biographical information must be 100 words or less allocated between four subsection headings.

Biographical information should be organized in accordance with the four subsection headings listed below. Subsection headings are not included in the word count.

  • Elected Experience. (Judges use Legal/Judicial Experience) 
  • Other Professional Experience. 
  • Education. 
  • Community Service. 
When a candidate doesn’t submit information for a particular subsection heading, “No information submitted” will appear in that subsection area.

2. Statement - Word limit 

State Senator – 200 words - 4 paragraphs
State Representative – 100 words - 2 paragraphs
County offices – 200 words - 4 paragraphs
Judicial offices – 200 words - 4 paragraphs

Each part of a hyphenated or slashed word will be counted as a separate word. (Example - "Around-the-corner" = 3 words)            

3. Photo
  • You may submit one portrait photo -  jpeg or .tiff (Head and shoulders) For best results use a light-colored background, (not white).
  • Photos should be less than 1 MB, (If larger, photos take will take too long to load for the online guide.)  
  • Clothing or insignia that suggest holding a public office are not allowed (e.g., judicial robes, law enforcement or military uniforms).
  • Color or black and white photo. (Color will be used in the online guide, and converted to black and white for the printed Local Voters’ Pamphlet.)

Candidate photos from previous Local Voters’ Pamphlets are not available for reuse. 

You may NOT submit a new statement for the General Election. The information submitted will be used for both the Primary Election and General Election.  

Federal, Legislative, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court Candidates - The pamphlet information you submit will be used in the State and Pierce County pamphlets. You do not need to submit separate information. Please contact the Secretary of State’s office if you need help submitting your voters’ pamphlet information. 1-800-448-4881 

Additional Resources

Public Disclosure Commission
Candidates are advised to verify that they are in compliance with all state, county, and local laws.

Archived Election Information 
Looking for examples of candidate statements? See voters’ pamphlets from previous elections.