Notice: Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act Voters

The Pierce County Auditor’s office is committed to a transparent elections process. The Auditor mailed out the first set of ballots to UOCAVA voters (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act ) on Sept 18.  Our office learned on Sept. 22 that the voter’s name on the dark red ballot return envelope was not correct. It did not match the name and address on the light blue delivery envelope. The Auditor’s office immediately contacted the print and mail vendor for Pierce County election ballots, K&H Integrated Print Solutions. K&H realized 365 ballots were potentially impacted and had manually tried to fix the 365 ballots which does not follow agreed upon protocols for this type of incident. On Sept. 25, the Pierce County Auditor’s office sent a letter and replacement ballot to the 365 potentially impacted voters alerting them to the issue. The vendor believes that only 88 ballots could have been impacted. 

The Pierce County Auditor’s office out of an abundance of caution sent new ballots to all voters from the run of 365. We been in contact with the Office of the Secretary of State on the issue. 

Call us at 253-798-VOTE or email us at

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Military & Overseas Voters

You're on the move - we need to know. 
Each election ballots are returned undeliverable because we no longer know where you live or are stationed. 

We want your ballot to reach you and we want you to vote! Please keep your mailing address up to date.

Mailed Ballots
Military and overseas voters are automatically mailed ballots 45 days prior to every primary and general election and 30 days prior to every special election.

To make sure your vote counts, please read the voting alternatives outlined below.

E-Ballot Program 

  • To participate you must provide your email address and have access to a computer and printer.
  • A link to your ballot, voter declaration, voting instructions and a fold-and-tape return envelope are emailed 45 days before every primary and general election and 30 days before every special election.
  • Sign up and obtain more information.

Federal Write-In Ballot

  • Federal Write-In Absentee ballots may be used by military and overseas civilian voters residing outside the United States.
  • Contact your Installation Voting Officer or any US Embassy or Consular Office or from the Federal Voting Assistance Program.
  • These ballots must be dated on or before election day and received in the Auditor's Office by the day prior to certification of the election, which occurs 14 days after a Primary or Special Election and 21 days after the General Election.
  • The Federal Write-In ballot will be accepted only if you are an absent uniformed services member or citizen outside the United States.

Special Ballot

  • A special ballot is available to voters in advance of an election who otherwise would be unable to vote through the normal voting process.
  • You may request a special ballot in writing or by email up to 90 days before a primary or general election.
  • You will receive a sample ballot with all the races and issues that you are entitled to vote on.