2008 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

In the spring of 2007, Pierce County Parks & Recreation Services began an update of its 2002 Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan. The final PROS Plan was adopted by the Pierce County Council on July 22, 2008. An expansion of the Trails element was adopted the following year on October 27, 2009.

The PROS Plan is an element of the county's Growth Manage Plan and incorporates the recreation policies of the County's eleven Community Plans and the recreation and open space policies of the Growth Management Plan. The fifteen year planning period runs from 2008 to 2022 and suggests an estimated $332,635,000 in system-wide improvements to the County Park and Regional Park System.

Plan Highlights

The PROS Plan continues the County's Growth Management view as a provider of Regional public facilities and the Pierce County Parks & Recreation Services mission as a Regional provider of park and open space opportunities by:

  • Providing a quality, diversified park and open space system that supports opportunities for active and passive recreation and conserves and enhances significant environmental or historical resources and features
  • Providing a regional system of off-street trails and corridors that links parks, open spaces, significant environmental features, public facilities and areas of interest
  • Incorporating features and amenities into parks that fit the local context; contribute to environmental sustainability; and are accessible, safe and easy to maintain for the long term
  • Developing and operate regional-serving recreation facilities to support core recreation program areas or economic development goals and meet identified recreation needs
  • Promoting, coordinate, facilitate or provide recreation programs that serve regional needs, support community livability, connect the community with their parks, and encourage greater recreation participation in areas not served by other providers
  • Incorporating natural areas and unique ecological features into the park and open space system to protect threatened species, conserve significant natural resources and habitat and retain migration corridors that are unique and important to local wildlife
  • Using effective and innovative funding methods to build, maintain, operate, and promote the park, recreation and open space system
  • Serving as a regional recreation coordinator, forging partnerships and fostering opportunities for countywide collaboration among all major recreation providers in the provision of parks, facilities, programs and services
  • Developing, training, and supporting a professional parks and recreation staff that effectively serves the community in the realization of the goals and objectives of this plan
  • Engaging Pierce County residents in the planning, stewardship, and programming of park and recreation resources, and provide effective community outreach and marketing to increase public awareness and support of recreation services

Final 2008 Plan

Adopted by County Ordinances 2008-38s and 2009-81s, the PROS Plan is the guide for park and recreation planning development for Pierce County Parks and Recreation Services. Although the plan spans 15 years, it will be reevaluated and updated to keep it current with State and Federal Granting authorities.

The next planned update would begin in 2014 as required by the State Recreation Conservation Office.

Complete Plan