Current Vacancies

Updated July 2018

Accessible Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC)

several vacancies

Volunteers sought to serve on the Accessible Communities Advisory Committee, which advises county policy makers on a variety of issues affecting people with disabilities (i.e. emergency plans, accessibility to buildings/events, voter access, inclusion, etc.). Committee membership is open to Pierce County residents who have interest, knowledge, experience with disability issues. 

For more information, contact Human Services, (253) 798-4332. Application and 2018 ACAC Regular Meeting Calendar

Aging & Disability Resources Advisory Board

2 vacancies

The ADR Advisory Board is made up of as many as 15 members of the community who volunteer their time and efforts. Their role is to plan and oversee long-term services and supports in Pierce County. The board meets six times annually (odd numbered months) on the third Tuesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. All meetings are open to the public. Board members also participate in additional committee work.

For more information or application contact Nellis Kim, (253) 798-3807.
Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials
1 vacancy

This Commission is seeking one volunteer with expertise in the field of Human Resources to fill an unexpired term. The Commission is a non-partisan body that meets once a month, from March through August, to prepare a recommendation to the County Council for salary increases for the Pierce County Executive, Assessor-Treasurer, Auditor, and Sheriff. (Click here to see the Commission’s webpage.)

For more information or for an application, please contact Harold McNeal at (253) 798-6174.

Conservation Futures Citizens' Advisory Board

2 vacancies - representing Council District #1 and District #2

The CAB is comprised of seventeen individuals who represent a broad based interest in Pierce County.  The CAB evaluate presentations that maybe eligible for acquisitions through the Conservation Futures funds. Presentations are made in an open public meeting forum.

For more information or application contact P&R at (253) 798-4177.

Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board 

7 vacancies

Pierce County Department of Community Connections is seeking individuals to serve on the Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board. The advisory board assists program staff in evaluating program objectives, performance, and outcomes.

Advisory Board membership is open to individuals residing in Pierce County who have an interest in developmental disability issues. Individuals who experience developmental disabilities, family members, and individuals with knowledge about services and supports for people with developmental disabilities are encouraged to apply. 

For more information contact Malissa Adame, Developmental Disabilities' Supervisor (253) 798-4332. 

Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission   


4 vacancies - representing Council Districts #1, #5, At Large, Historian and At Large, Archivist

The primary responsibility of the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission is to carry out the Pierce County Historic Preservation Program as a Certified Local Government (CLG) in historic preservation, and to provide recommendations, on matters related to Pierce County heritage, to the County Executive and Council. 

For more information or application contact Chad Williams or (253) 798-3683 

Land Use Advisory Commissions (LUACs) 

Vacancies in each geographical area:
  • Frederickson - 2 vacancies
  • Key Peninsula - 4 vacancies
  • Mid-County - 1 vacancy
  • Parkland-Spanaway-Midland - 2 vacancies

Land Use Advisory Commissions serve in an advisory capacity on land use matters to the Executive, the County Council, the Hearing Examiner, the Planning Commission, and the Planning and Land Services Department. Meetings of the LUAC are held within the community and facilitate a structured two-way communication process between the County and community residents, property owners, and business owners regarding significant land use issues. LUACs make recommendations regarding updates to community plans, monitor the progress made in implementation of community plan policies and review applications for proposed developments within the represented community for which a public hearing is required. 

For more information or application contact PALS at (253) 798-2630.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee 

1 Vacancy

Seeking a volunteer to serve on the Pierce County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee in the Industry Group vacancy position. The Industry Group position must be someone from the lodging industry who collects lodging taxes which goes to Pierce County. Four-year term length (July 1 to June 30). Successful candidates will be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. The board meets four to six times a year plus special meetings as needed. All meetings are open to the public.

For more information or application, contact Kathy Sorgenfrei at 253-798-6150.

Parks and Recreation Citizens’ Advisory Board 

3 vacancies – District #6, District #7, and an At Large position.

This nine-member board meets every other month to advise the Parks and Recreation Department concerning its general operations, capital projects, as well as the needs and interest of the citizens of the community.

The Board also assists the county in identifying funding sources and securing funding for the county's Parks and Recreation programs. The Board takes an active role in communicating park and recreation needs, services and programs to public governmental agencies, the executive and the council.

For more information or application, contact Parks and Recreation at (253) 798-4177.

Pierce County Airport -Thun Field Advisory Commission

2 vacancies 
Community resident position
One position is for a community resident who lives within the boundaries of either the Graham Community Plan or the Frederickson Community Plan. Maps showing these boundaries are available at the website below under “Membership Requirements.”

Airport user position
The other available position is for a Pierce County Airport-Thun Field airport user, such as a business owner, pilot or airport tenant. 

The community resident position would fill an unexpired term to April 12, 2019, while the airport user position would fill an unexpired term to April 12, 2020. After these terms expire, the terms are for four years. These positions are unpaid. 

Learn more abut the commission and access an application at

Pierce County Noxious Weed Control Board

1 vacancy - District 2

The Pierce County Noxious Weed Control Board is comprised of citizen volunteers, representing the people and interests of the districts from which each is appointed, and a non-voting advisory representative from the WSU extension in Pierce County. The Board works in conjunction with the Program director to establish policies and procedures in accordance with state regulations. Under the leadership of the Program Director the weed board staff carries out the objectives of the Pierce County Noxious Weed Control Program. 

For more information or application contact Rebecca Shoemaker (253) 798-6800.

Prevention Programs - Allocation Advisory Committee

7 vacancies

The Allocation Advisory Committee for Prevention Programs makes recommendations to the County Executive and the County Council on intended use of the 1/4th of the 1/10th percent Criminal Justices Sales and Use Tax. Members have some knowledge and experience with the prevention of violence to children and youth. The Allocation Advisory Committee is comprised of up to 15 members. 

For more information or application contact Stephanie Bray at 253-798-6917

Solid Waste Advisory Commission

1 Vacancy

Join SWAC Help shape local recycling and waste reduction programs by becoming a SWAC member. All interested citizens, especially young adults and business representatives, are encouraged to apply. 

SWAC members serve a four-year term. Members are appointed by the Pierce County Executive and approved by the Pierce County Council. 

For more information or questions please contact (253) 798-2179 or apply using our on-line form

Surface Water Management Advisory Board

roster open year-round - contact department for current vacancies

The Surface Water Management Advisory Board (SWAB) works with Pierce County to make recommendations on the county's surface water management program to the Pierce County Council and Executive. The SWAB is a Pierce County Executive-appointed, Council-confirmed advisory board on surface water management issues in unincorporated Pierce County.

For more information or application contact Harold Smelt, at (253) 798-2952.