February 12, 2019 Special Election

Unofficial  Results
Pierce County Results (PDF)

Pierce County and
Multi-county Results

Results are not final until certified on Feb. 22nd.

Release Schedule
Feb 12 - 8:15 PM
Feb 13 - 5 PM
Feb 14, 19, 21 - 4 PM

Ballot Statistics
Ballots Returned by Day
Ballots Returned by District

Validation Requirements 

  - Yelm Community Schools - 4,985 Total votes plus a 60% favorable majority
    *Shared with Thurston County
  - Peninsula SD No. 401 - 14,999 Total votes plus a 60% favorable majority
  - Bethel SD No. 403 - 16,616 Total votes plus a 60% favorable majority



Voters' Pamphlets

Notice of Election and Public Meetings

Sample Ballot

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