Centers & Corridors Proposal


On October 29, 2020, Pierce County Council approved four community plans updates to the areas of Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland and South Hill. The updates intend to address projected population growth over the next 20 years by establishing “Centers and Corridors” in each unincorporated area. Components of the updates include:

  • Zoning changes which accommodate higher-density housing to support homeownership with affordable housing options 
  • Central gathering places for people to shop and do business 

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Centers and Corridors Proposal
As part of the Community Plan updates, Pierce County is proposing to focus growth along several major transportation corridors:

  • Pacific Avenue/State Route 7 
  • Meridian Avenue/State Route 161 
  • 176th Street East 
  • 112th Street East 
  • Canyon Road East 
Centers and Corridors Roads outlined
Focusing growth along these five major transportation corridors would:
Help preserve and buffer single-family residential neighborhoods:
We have heard from people in the four Community Plan areas that they want to minimize impacts on existing single-family neighborhoods. The proposal does impact neighborhoods within 1/4 mile of these transportation corridors, but generally keeps single-family zoning in areas outside of that 1/4 mile radius.
Increase variety of housing choices:
The majority of housing in Pierce County is single-family homes. The market is changing, and our growing community needs more housing options, such as townhouses, condos and apartments.
Invest in roads, infrastructure, transit and alternative transportation options:
By creating concentrations of housing and services, sewer and bike and pedestrian facilities can be concentrated in specific areas. it becomes more convenient to use alternative transportation choices like transit and bicycling, and makes investments more cost-effective.
Encourage economic development and job growth:
This flexible zoning concept allows a diversity of uses, while focusing on high quality site and building design.
Increase access to funding:
Pierce County becomes more competitive for transportation funding when housing and services are concentrated along major transportation corridors.
Streamline commercial and multifamily zoning:
The approach makes it easier for property owners to understand what they can do with their property and provides them with more flexibility of allowed uses.
Centers are central gathering places for the community where people can live, work and access services.

These areas would be a new zone called Towne Center that would include:

  • A mix of housing, jobs and services**
  • High-density housing and commercial and civic uses**
  • Walkable and transit-oriented developments
**Housing would not be allowed in the Frederickson Towne Center. 
Map of Towne Centers
Three new zones—located along the transportation corridors—would replace existing commercial, industrial and multifamily zones.

Employment Corridor
112th St. E, Mountain Highway E, and Canyon Road E.
Place for employers, including professional offices and industrial uses. No new housing is allowed.

Urban Corridor
Generally the first block of uses along Pacific Avenue and Meridian Avenue and around the intersection of 112th St. E & Canyon Road E.
Allows a mix of commercial, civic and multifamily uses. The zone is auto-oriented with a lower height requirement than Towne Center.

Neighborhood Corridor
Generally one block off of Pacific Avenue and Meridian Avenue. Also, along 176th St. E, 112th St. E and Canyon Road E.
Provides a transition between higher-intensity uses and single-family neighborhoods. Allows a mix of housing types, small-scale commercial and civic uses and services.
Map of Corridors