Planning Commission
The Pierce County Planning Commission is an advisory board to the Pierce County Council regarding legislative actions dealing with planning and land use. Hearings before the Planning Commission are typically in regard to planning related legislation such as zoning code changes, comprehensive plan amendments, and other land use regulations. The Planning Commission also makes recommendations regarding applications for current use assessment.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, Planning Commission meetings will be held remotely. To participate in the remote meeting, you may view the meeting agenda one week prior for instructions to join.

Agendas & Documents
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Current Members
Member District Term Date Current Term
Sharon Hanek District 1 08/21/2021 1 of 2
Shawn Manley District 2 11/03/2024 1 of 2
Kevin Rau District 3 06/01/2023 2 of 2
Sharon Benson, Chair District 4 01/14/2023 2 of 2
Julie Williams, Secretary District 5 06/24/2021 2 of 2
Jeffrey Brown, Vice Chair District 6 06/01/2021 2 of 2
Kathryn Jerkovich District 7 06/18/2022 1 of 2
Contact Us
If you have additional questions about the Commission or upcoming meetings, please email Danica Williams, Clerk to the Board.