Leadership Certification

Pierce County hires, develops and engages talented employees. The Organizational Development and Training Division is building the capacity of the County by developing its employees. Preparing current and future leaders to develop individuals, groups and the organization for future service is a top priority. 

Therefore, effective January 1, 2020, the Pierce County Leadership Certification Program will be implemented. This three-tiered program will be implemented in accordance with the info-graphic below. Bronze Level Certification will replace previous required Supervisor/Manager training. Employees having previously completed courses listed below will be exempt from re-taking them. 

Lead employees and those aspiring to be supervisors also have the opportunity for certification through the following classes:

Once the above courses have been completed, a lead or aspiring manager/supervisor may attend the Supervisor Essentials course upon nomination by their supervisor

​Executive Memo

Leadership classes


How do I certify? 
Ensure all the required courses are completed and showing on your Workday transcript. Submit the Certification Request form found here. The Organizational Development and Training division will notify you when the Certification is completed. 

How do I get my certificate? 
The Executive will be issuing certificates quarterly and the certificate will be uploaded in Workday and show in your training history. 

May I receive credit for courses I took somewhere else? 
Equivalency for County courses may be granted on a case by case basis. The course curriculum will need to be submitted to and evaluated by the Training and Development Manager. 

Mary Ransier
Training and Development Manager